Hello Again!
Thursday, July 26 2007

So, I haven’t blogged since…

Well, OK. I didn’t blog past the second time, last time I launched this blog. But I have a good excuse! “But Brendan, what could possibly take up time you could use to be blogging?” A selected list:

So see? I do have certain reasons I haven’t blogged in the intervening nine months. And yes, I removed the previous blog instance, as it turns out that bit rot is real, and does affect versions of WordPress left out in the sun. But I hope to be a better participant in the blogosphere, and all sorts of neat Web 2.0 things (like Twitter, which I recently started using to great effect), in the future.

I’ll post soon on actual recent goings-on, such as (perhaps) my work at Sun this summer, and (definitely) my trip to Three Rings Design on Friday.

As an additional note: all commenting on this blog is restricted to OpenID users only. If you don’t have an OpenID, what are you waiting for? VeriSign has just re-launched their OpenID provider, at which you can sign up immediately. Go for it!

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