Magic, Motes, and UPE
Sunday, September 23 2007

Time, it would seem, continues to pass. This not being unexpected, it does not need much comment.

So, interesting things that have happened recently:

As for uninteresting things that are happening– I’m writing this post while sitting in my office hours in the Hacklab at JHU (so called not because it’s a hangout for the computer elite, but because it’s big and oppressive and the CS majors want to cut the whole thing into little bits; we are, unfortunately, required to hold hours here, as opposed to either the nice CS lab, or any offices we might be able to lay claim to in other buildings). I never quite understand why students don’t seem to start their assignments until the night before– while that’s a good strategy in (say) math courses, it doesn’t work very well for programming courses. So as always, I have three students, and, according to the TA schedule, Jai will have the usual mad rush of students three hours before it’s due (mid-afternoon on Wednesday). Well, at least my four hours of office hours helped a few people (which I really quite enjoy– teaching kids who then understand when I’m done is quite nice); I hope, as I do each week, that I’ll be flooded with students next week.

If not, you might see another post from me then. :-)

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