A Big Month

Hello, all! So for those keeping track, it’s been very nearly a month since the last time I posted (excluding the earlier post about switching software, of course). Here’s the rundown of the interesting things that’ve happened to me in the interim:

<ul><li>When last I wrote, I’d just arrived in New Haven to visit Quinlan– we got to hear his small group of musical friends play, which was fun. :-) Also got to meet his girlfriend.</li><li>I got a new phone! It’s an iPhone, so I had to drop my Montana number– but as I have GrandCentral, I have one still (it’s just different): 406-545-0430. If you want my real cell phone number (say, so you can send me text messages), call me on the 406 number first, and I’ll give it to you.
</li><li>I judged at Grand Prix: Philadelphia, which was a blast; three days of awesome play. I was given the opportunity to judge the Grand Prix Finals– an amazing chance, where I got to sit very quietly and not make a fuss (assuming, of course, the players knew how to play correctly; they did :-) ). Also took some photos, mostly of judging stuff (always fun to have a big group of judges– 30+ attended). Nick, the L1 I helped train from L0, also got his stripes, which is always a great thing to see.</li><li>I helped my sister, Shannon, celebrate her 21st birthday in fine style– mostly at one fine establishment, but also sampling from others as the night went on.</li><li>I went up to visit my godson (now three years old!) in New Jersey, during the second weekend of Spring Break.</li><li>I broke up with Caitlin– my girlfriend, of two years and a bit. sigh This raised, to me, an interesting question about technological identity (though I’m hardly the first person to consider it, I hadn’t thought about it personally before).
</li><li>I accepted an incredible offer to go spend the summer in San Francisco, working with lots of really neat people at Six Apart! I’m delighted. I’ll be working under David, on Open Platforms. (On a related note, if you know of anyone who wants a subletter / housesitter in the area for the summer, let me know!)</li></ul>And, of course, the usual JHU grind of projects and homework. So I should probably go now, and attend to my Operating Systems project (pwn a linux box with a kernel module; obviously it’s not hard, but it’s meant to teach how silly it is to load untrusted kernel modules), my Programming Languages homework (do things in the Professor’s pet language), or any of my other ongoing major projects (Java Lab, research code, Information Retrieval, Constitutional Law V, Digital Preservation….) Should be fun.