Inauguration in MT

Today, my family and I went up to Helena, MT to see the state inauguration– the Governor, legislators, various executive branch people, and a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were all being sworn in. Always fun to see the difference in politics between the national level and Montana.

Fun quotes from the day:

[A delegation from the House comes to the Senate]

“The House would like to report that it is organized.”

“Yeah right! Good luck with that.”

And during introductory floor speeches…

“I got involved about ten years ago, when I was doing meth.”

[Ten-second pause, while the crowd is horrified at the Senator]

“Uh, doing meth-related work with the community…”

Yep, it’s just different out here.

Now we’re spending the night out beyond cell coverage (but thankfully, not beyond satellite Internet coverage; thank you, WildBlue) with some old friends of my family. Tomorrow, home, via messing around in Bozeman, MT.