Open Web Lecture

I had the opportunity to give a guest lecture today. The course is called “Developing Photo and Video Applications For Online Social Networks,” but it’s essentially a course about developing for Facebook. They asked me to lecture on the alternative– namely, developing on the Open Web, and what that’s all about anyway.

I had a blast; both the kids and teachers seemed to enjoy the presentation, as well, despite my random tangents (which I think are important, but nonetheless).

Here’s the Keynote stack from my presentation:

A Whirlwind Tour of the Open Web</embed>
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If you go here, you can view it with the presentation notes as well, which will add the context of what I was (generally) talking about.

In addition, I mentioned I would post followup links on some of the topics for the students, so here they are:

And, for the two kids in the back of the class that seemed to have the extraordinary neck issues ;-) :

To all of you in the class– thanks so much for having me; feel free to contact me (bfo -some character- ussjoin -some other character- com) with questions on this or any other topic.