So I’ve never been much of one for New Year’s resolutions. For one thing, I usually don’t particularly need a “new year” as an incentive to do things; if I wish to do them, I can simply do them. For another, it falls in the middle of a break from school– so this is the wrong sort of time to be starting big new projects, as I’m not really in a mood to work. :-)

That said, I’ve been greatly enjoying blogging more, as I have been doing recently (I wrote more posts in December 2008 than in any previous month), and so I decided that I would like to continue it. It’s great to be able to carry on a long-form conversation with my advisors, professors, and other interested parties– something that writing each day allowed me to do last month, when I was writing about academic matters. In addition, even when I’m not writing things of interest academically, it’s a good habit to be in– writing each day makes sure I don’t get rusty, especially important as I prepare to write the bulk of my thesis.

And in general, of course, there’s the benefits of a well-maintained blog and website– even one as unread as mine. :-)

So then, my plan is to post one entry to the blog each day for this year. That doesn’t mean I’ll actually write one each day– scheduling blog posts ahead isn’t against the rules, especially as my family is planning to go to Helena on Monday to see various elected officials being sworn in, and the robing of our new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court– but hopefully, at the end of the year I’ll have more than 300 shiny new blog posts.

In any case, we’ll see how far this gets. Maybe I’ll have four.