Mnikr Prime Updates!

I’ve been working hard on Mnikr Prime, so I thought I’d push some changes to the live server.

  • Profile pictures (taken from Digg or Twitter) are now included, so most people will have some icon show up for them. Yes, they’re lower resolution than at Twitter– Twitter’s API exposes a low-resolution copy. Which is annoying.
  • Flickr usernames have finally been fixed, so your Flickr photos should now show up as normal in your activity stream.
  • I’ve integrated UserVoice support, so when you see something you’d like to be different, drop a note in there! It’s always available via the tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • I’ve added support for Blip.TV.
  • I’ve finally added some actual copy to the homepage, as well as contact information and an about page, so it might begin to make some sort of sense.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been doing more performance work, so it should be more responsive. Obviously, that’s an ongoing task, but I think it’s improved significantly.

Twitter– Twitter limits API requests to 100/hour, unless you ask them for permission. I’ve done so (now that I found out how), so we’ll see what they say. Hopefully, they’ll lift the limit for me and it’ll be good to go, but if not, then I’ll be using Gnip– we’ll see what happens.

Reputation system work is ongoing, should be fairly fast now.

As always, check it out at