A collection of random things I’ve been working on:

  • Malice Afterthought is the new home of my software projects– primarily because the space for software stuff on http://ussjoin.com was getting too crowded. One of the effects of this move is to give my software projects (particularly stuff like “look at the new MT plugin I just finished”) their own blog and update stream– so head on over there if you’re interested. (In related news, I did just do another MT plugin, this one for http://blip.tv, so go grab it if you’re interested.)

  • I’ve been working hard on Mnikr Prime, which is now up and doing some neat things. It’s certainly not done– or particularly polished– yet, but go have a look around if you’re interested in the project. It is dynamically creating internet Identities, which I think is pretty neat, and I’m working on making sure it gets the Action Stream data live and up-to-date (made more complex by nasty things like Twitter suddenly throttling me, hard, as well as one incident involving running my Linode completely out of memory– my fault, but it reacted amusingly badly). When I get the next phase– the reputation server– online, I’ll write more about it here; I may update in the meantime at Malice Afterthought.

  • I’m in a fun course on Algorithms for Sensor-Based Robotics, which is pretty far afield from my usual work, but counts as the math-like credit I need to graduate (Master’s students need two “Analysis” courses in CS, among other things). The only reason I mention this is that since we’re doing simulator work, I end up with shiny movies that people can watch and enjoy (and laugh at, as my robots make comic mistakes). They’re over at http://ussjoin.blip.tv.

  • Yes, I gave up on the posting every day thing, just a few days into it– mostly because it wasn’t going well (I get boring even to me if I post that often). No, I don’t regret dropping it. :-)

  • Lastly, I’ll be attending TransparencyCamp this upcoming weekend in Washington, D.C.; I really enjoyed the last unconference I attended, and I hope this one will be interesting as well; a very different structure than the highly scheduled BlackHat, but I think each can be good.