Corrupting the Next Generation

I occasionally get called to do odd jobs in the role of “CS Posterboy,” as, it seems, very few people in my department can speak to prefreshmen and their parents. My college visits didn’t involve my parents– I went alone, which I highly recommend to anyone looking, as it’s a completely different experience to actually visit a campus without your parents waiting in the car.

Setting that aside, JHU Admissions wanted to collect a blog post from every major and minor at Hopkins, and so (since apparently I’m the only person with access to writing equipment, or maybe just a spell checker, in the department), I wrote a guest blog post for them; go check it out at I promise not to sound this perky in real life. :-)

I will soon return to the (surprisingly popular!) series on social networks; watch this space. Right now, I’m working 20 hours a day on Mnikr, making changes, fixing bugs, and adding fun new features. If you haven’t tried it yet, get the Reputation Points Gift Certificate from here, then go check it out; buy shares in people you know, and grow the community.