At Last - Malice Afterthought

“So if you’re at Google, why haven’t you talked about it?”

Real simple: I’m not at Google.

Yep, that’s right folks: rather than going to Google, I’ve decided to take an entirely new tack with my career, and pursue the path I’ve always wanted: to run my own corporation. I mean, you can always get a multi-colored bicycle, but you don’t always have the freedom to set up your own gig, and decide your own projects.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while; as some of you may know, I considered doing this rather than doing graduate school. After grad school, I spent some time working for other people, but that has downsides that simply aren’t worth it.

So then: my new corporation is Malice Afterthought, Inc.. (After all, while bad things shouldn’t be your first thought….) I’m going to be doing a variety of things: I’m developing some software for mobile (the first fruits are already available on the App Store and Android Market) on my own, but I’ll also be taking client jobs, both to do software development (mobile, web, you think of it, I’ll figure out how to do it), and to do security consulting; I’ve found that there’s an incredibly large group of people who have simply no idea how to go about running secure systems, and I might be able to help with that. On the side, I’ll continue my research into wearable computing, autonomous flying vehicles, and anything else that interests me– more on that, perhaps, later. For the time being, I’ll be based out of new, wonderful loft space in Billings, MT– ten minutes from an airport, so that I can head to client sites (fun fact: it actually takes me less time to fly somewhere from Billings, even with the extra hop to Denver, Minneapolis, or Salt Lake City, than to fly from Boulder, with the two-hour drive to DEN factored in). I’ve even got an antenna mounted on the roof, so that I can pursue more ham radio things; there is indeed a large ham radio contingent based in Billings, and with my recent upgrade to an Amateur Extra license, there’s no reason not to communicate with the world!

So: if you know somebody who needs somebody– an engineer to make their dreams come true, or a security specialist to make their nightmares go away– drop me a line. I might just be the person for whom you’re looking.