BSides Las Vegas was kind enough to invite me to speak on Reticle, the DARPA Cyber Fast Track project that consumed my spring. The code will be uploaded soon for all of Reticle– I will write a longer blog post soon describing the project, its current plans, and what happens next– but I wanted to post slides and video now. As I mention in the presentation, comments and suggestions are very welcome, either in the comments below or via email: brendan (a symbol) maliceafterthought (a different symbol) com.

Thanks very much to the BSides staff and volunteers, all the attendees at the talk, and especially Dr. John Griffin, my usual partner in hilarity, for being willing to listen to my draft presentation and rework it into something coherent.

Slides are on SpeakerDeck or embedded below, and video is on YouTube or embedded below. (The video is fairly hard to see, unfortunately.)