Value of Cloud Security (Rather than Forced Localization)
Wednesday, February 11 2015

I’m pleased to finally announce that work I did with James Arlen and Lee Brotherston at Leviathan Security Group is seeing the light of day. We wrote three whitepapers on the “Value of Cloud Security”—more specifically, on the security challenges faced by so-called data localization laws (that require that all data about a country’s citizens be kept within the country). While it’s easy to oppose these laws on the basis that many of them come from known-censorious regimes (e.g., Russia), we found that the security implications of forced localization laws are disastrous.

The papers are here, and I invite everyone to read them. We’ve also made some media splashes, with CloudWedge, IT World Canada, and ZDNet (twice) writing about them so far (and I’ll add new links as I find new articles).

Article in the ABA SciTech Lawyer
Monday, April 14 2014

I was fortunate enough to have an article published last month in the journal of the Science and Technology Section of the American Bar Association, called The SciTech Lawyer; it was titled Whoops! How Your “Convenience” Broadcasts Your Secrets, and dealt with the implications of pervasive WiFi sniffing (e.g., via CreepyDOL, though certainly not exclusively) on attorney-client privilege and client confidentiality across practice areas. Thanks to the ABA Science and Technology Section for letting me write, and further for letting me host the article here.

The article is here.


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